by Rebecca ferguson

On my 18th birthday my neighbour gave me a ring and I've put it in a jewellery box for the past three years and never touched it. It's far too small. However, today I was looking for something and I come across the ring and read the little note that came with it. Simple as anything but I haven't seen her in years. Anyway, I thought I wonder what it is I saw the 375 meaning 9 carat and saw the rest and was intriged to see what they meant. I googled every hallmark and not coming up with much luck. My next door neighbour was quite the character and you wouldn't expect to see this ring in her hands. When I say character I mean character she liked her rock and roll and odd things! So I've always assumed it's something up to date and not much of a story behind it. Ei: Argos. But then having a good look at it looked quite grubby to be relatively new. Anyway could anyone tell me what the hallmarks mean I will include picture also, they include a GJ a crown I believe 375 and anchor laying down and I think but am not 100% sure that there is a Q at the end. Any help would be amazing. Thank you in advance.

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