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Gold Buckle Ring & Complete British Hallmark
by: Yvonne

Hi Leigh! your buckle rings belongs in the category known as "sentimental jewelry". A Buckle Ring has been traditionally given as a token of love or friendship over the course of several centuries. Belt and Buckle motif jewellery symbolized that the giver and recipient were as well matched as a belt and it's buckle.

You say, "It has an h&s stamp then a 9 then 875 then what looks like an anchor stamp then a Y type stamp."

Now this is very important if you collect or invest in gold Antique Jewelry -
A complete British hallmark will have the following:

1. A sponsor's mark, indicating the manufacturer, or sponsor, of the article by initials of the individual or firm responsible.
2. A standard mark, certifying the precious metal content -
3. The fineness stated as parts per thousand or as karatage.
4. The location of the assay office responsible for certifying the article.
5. The date letter, showing the year in which the article was hallmarked (This became voluntary as of January 1, 1999)
The British hallmark for gold includes all five stamps. The standard mark for gold is a crown.

Did you use a jeweler's loupe to examine the hallmarks?
The 9 which indicates the gold content should be followed by the decimal value. After 1854 a major change to hallmarking allowed the carat number PLUS the decimal value such as 9 with .375 or 18 with .750 to be marked on pieces.

Check to see if there is a decimal point before the number. The decimal point was dropped off after 1975. Read this last hint again!

You will need to determine the date letter. This is the letter y. However the shape of the y and the shape of the shield that it appears in are VERY important.

Just wondering is the surface chased or engraved? I previously owned a buckle ring chased with engravings of the flower - Ivy . Flowers had meanings in Antique Jewelry and Ivy was symbolic of friendship. Very fitting for a Buckle Ring -this is what we all so much love about our antique jewelry!

Leigh, if you could upload a photo, our visitors would also love to see your Buckle Ring. You can check your date letter with the
Birmingham Date Letter Chart Here. When you have the date letter it is much easier to research the maker's mark.

sincerely yours,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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