Gold Cross, Australia 19th Century - Eagle, 9 plus Anvil

by Kath
(Victoria, Australia)

I have a Gold Cross made of gold from the goldfields of Australia circa 1865. It is approx 1.1/2 inch in height and 1 inch crossbar. It is beaten gold and hollow.

The four ends of the bars have beautiful ornate engravings of a flower and leaves. In the centre of the cross is a three leafed shamrock affixed to the cross. The shamrock has 2 minute pearls on each leaf and one on the stem. In the centre of the shamrock is an emerald. The marking s on the back are an Eagle facing left, in a square; the figure 9, in a square and an anvil in a square. I can't photograph it clearly to give you the detail.

My Great Grandfather found gold and had the cross made as a gift for my Grandmother's 21st birthday. They were Irish Catholic, hence the cross, the shamrock and the emerald. Can you tell me what the Hallmarks represent and the approx value of the piece? Thank you.

Kath o'Connor

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