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Test Gold Composition
by: Anonymous

Hi thank you for writing in with the following question:

"This bracelet was given to me as a gift years ago. I would like to know if you know anyhing about this makers mark and from what time period it was made? Maker's mark looks like a Capital G Super-imposed over a Capital E and also has the number 585."

OK. The numbers 585 is the decimal carat mark for 14K, 14ct or 585 (parts per 1000) or 58.5% gold (Asian for overseas market. Common in USA. Russian 584.)

Overlapping G E letters in an oval was used by Emblem Inlay Corp. (Gold Inlaying) There are so many different styles of writing the letters though so could not confirm without seeing the mark.

Your local jeweler can acid test for you to determine the gold composition. This piece looks like it has good weight to it.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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