What is the item? It is a medal, used as a watch fob.

Can you please provide all background information?
It belonged to my Mother-in law, who was nearly 100 when she passed away, it came to me and my husband. She had connections to Canada since her Mother was French Canadian.

What are the markings?
It has white enamel at the top and botton with 1881 on top and 1906 on bottom. in the center is a gold circle with a man in profile facing right., there is words or a design above his head. On either side of him is red design incircled in gold. The outer edge looks like maple leaves in clusters. The medal is round and almost an inch in diameter.

Where are the markings?
On the back is 18k and another mark above that I am not sure what it is.The medal is all gold and fairly heavy.

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