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ring 2
by: Cornelis

I should like to add to my previous contribution that I have a ring which shows HDZ with a clear capital Z. It has an inscription 7-7-1935. It was purchased by a family member for his engagement in 1935. This agrees with the 1922-1934 time span during which HDZ was used by Drijfhout. It has a hallmark in the form of a horizontal rectangle with truncated corners. This shape suggests that it is the dutch hallmark for 18k gold. The illegible inscription would be a lion on three legs with the number 750. The ring also shows a square containing the number 18, confirming the 18k assignment.

The ring of the original question shows a quite similar square with the number 14, in agreement with the oval hallmark for 14k gold. This similarity suggest that this ring was also made by Drijfhout.

The maker’s mark of the latter ring looks more like HD2 than like HDZ. The book on dutch Maker’s Marks contains a mark HD2 (van den Dungen, ‘s Hertogenbosch, 1924-1960) but its H and D are joined: the vertical bar on the right hand side of the H coincides with the vertical bar on the left hand side of the D. It is therefore probably not the mark of van den Dungen. The book contains a mark HD3 in a rectangle, used by H. Drijfhout & Zn., Balk/Amsterdam, from 1881 to 1922. Possibly the mark HD2 was used by Drijfhout before 1882, but is for unknown reasons not mentioned in the book.

by: Cornelis

The oval with the leaf (in which the number 585 is inscribed) is the dutch hallmark for 14 k gold. HDZ would refer to Drijfhout & Zn, Amsterdam 1922-1934. HD2 as shown in the photograph is not mentioned in the book on Maker's Marks of Dutch Gold- and Silversmiths, 1843-1963.

Did you find what HD2 means?
by: Annelise

Did you manage to find out what HD2 /HDZ means? I also have a ring inherited from my grandma with this inscription. Trying to trace what it means. Based in The Netherlands.

French Country Recognition Mark?
by: David

Good morning, just browsing through the forums, wondering whether this might be a french recognition or import mark. A close-up photo would help.

Kind Regards

More Information Requested.
by: Anonymous

Hi John thanks for writing in with the following hallmark question:

"I have a gold ring that has the following inscribed and was wondering of it's origins.
First mark is an oval shaped cutout with what looks like a leaf. Followd by the letters HD2 or HDZ. Then 14 sideways and 853 after that which I assume means 14 carats."

Gold standard, 14K, 14ct or 585 (parts per 1000) or 58.5% gold (also used in Asian for overseas market. Common in USA. Russian 584.)

There are quite a few Leaf and Leaf-like symbols on jewelry. For instance, TIFFANY & Co. used a leaf symbol on items exhibited during Exposition Universelle in Paris, France - ca 1900.

We need more info and photos in order to research these hallmarks. As the letter mark is still quite fresh and crisp - it doesn't appear to be that old.

Could you please attach three photos and send to the following email address:

  • One photo should be the actual marks
  • The second that of the entire item, and
  • The third that of a larger area surrounding the mark

    Also any information in relation to the following:

    1. When and how acquired, for example: inherited from grandma 10 years ago when she was in her 80s  OR  purchased at a Flea Market or Auction 6 years ago  OR  picked it up at a Garage Sale from a French family 2 years ago etc

    2. Any related family history that may help in focusing our research to a particular Period or Region, for example: I remember seeing it at my grandma's house since I was a little child while still in Brisbane  OR  my grandma brought it with her from Germany in the 1950s  OR  my husband found it at a Flea Market in Sydney 20 years ago etc

    3. Any other information you may have already discovered and any other details that will help.

    with regards

    Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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    Further info
    by: John

    The leaf appears to be an oak leaf with 5 rounded 'fingers'. Dating the ring between 1852 - 1906. Any further info would be greatly appreciated.

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