Gold Ring Hallmark confusion - Too new to be True!


I have a 9ct Gold ring that has the following marks -

Makers Mark - W.W L.D - within a rectangle shape, looks like only the left hand corners of the shape are at an angle and the right hand side are at 45 degrees.
Also the D is smaller than the L and is D is on top of the L

It has a 9 then 375 - I know its for 9ct and Gold.

Then a B within a round or slightly oval shape.

Then the mark for London - the tigers head ?? is on its own.

The confusion is that I gave it to someone to look at who said its newish, but it was thought to be given to my Nan in the 60's and said to be older than that.

As I said im a little confused.

I tried to find the makers to get an idea of age and there was one around 1917ish and one in the 1920's.

Can you help ?



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