Gold Ring Hallmark Letter

by Paul Goulding
(Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Hi - I have a ring which was passed down from my Grandmother and she couldn't remember much about where it had come from apart from it was passed down to her.

Now, I had it checked by a local Gold Jewellery shop. They believed it could have been 50s, which wouldn't make sense to the story I was told about it being passed down.

The only explanation they could give was as it was only 9 carat / .375 they believedif it was older it would have been 14 carat at minimum.

But they admitted it was a strange symbol and not the usual they would see for this age. That is about the best info they could give me.

Can you check the pic and let me know what you believe the date would be.

The box has a name of Kings Jewellers 5 Corporation Street birmingham which I cannot find any info out about that shop, it does not exist anymore - if the box is the correct one for the ring.

Anyway, its a bit of a mystery to me, perhaps my grandmother was confused and the ring isn't as old or means as much as she said, but if it is much older then I really want to try and trace back through my family tree as the ring has a set of initials on, which doesn't relate to any family tree members we are aware of.

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