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980 silver
by: Crina

I found recently the mark of 980 and Just 980 on a ring. At the first look on the screen, it appeared to be platinum. However, I have done some investigations and appears as a common hallmark for old Mexico. Somewhere 1930-1944.

However, since there are many other marks with the 980 Mexican silver, but on this piece is just the number, I am still in the dark...

Swan mark
by: Anonymous

Hi Ben thanks for your question. Your local jeweler can acid test to determine the metal content if you do not have an acid testing kit or digital gold testing equipment at home. A jeweler shouldn't charge much for this test.

A swan is a French mark that was used for old articles - SILVER with base metal.

The stylized "M" is the town mark for METZ, France on SILVER ca. 1780s.

The color of your ring looks gold so it might be plated, that's why it should be acid tested to determine metal composition.

Although the marks individually are each French marks, the fact that the metal is gold colored and the marks appear a bit too sharp and crisp for antique gold ring of this age is puzzling. Perhaps a replacement ring or a pseudo French mark?

best wishes
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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