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Gold and Stars
by: Anonymous

Hi Jean thanks for your comments and the link to the very interesting article about gold and stars - makes you wonder doesn't it... every atom of gold in a gold wedding ring was forged in a collapsing star, and then traveled across the universe to get to your finger. All the gold we wear and all the gold we give has made this same journey..... fascinating.

Oh Jean, a setting for a gemstone in which the stone is placed at the centre of an engraved star and secured by a small grain of metal at the base of the point is known as a star setting.

best wishes Yvonne

Thank you...
by: Jean Roman

For your comments and expertise

What interests me most, is the star burst design /
The SYMBOLISM of the 8 pointed star which dates from ancient Babylonian times - to Masonic symbols.

Curious about Henry Williamson LTD., as other research reveals H.W.Ld made other masonic symbol gold pieces.

Of course, in my mind, all goes to this article that some of you might also find of interest...

Galactic Gold: A Valentine Story

jean roman

Antique Gold Ring
by: Anonymous

Hi Jean thank you for writing in with the following gold hallmark question. Did this photo take some re-sizing. It was a laaaaarge file ;-) but such a lovely ring that I manually uploaded into your post.

"Please - can you tell me anything about this antigue GOLD RING & it's value? GOLD RING w Diamond STAR setting ~ marked H.W.LD, crown symbol, 18, Anchor symbol, e"

The mark is the maker's mark by HENRY WILLIAMSON Ltd. (Silversmiths, Birmingham - Chester - London, UK) - ca 1890s - 1920s.

This very lovely antique gold ring with classic star burst design is comprised of 18 carat gold. The numbers show the percent or "how many parts" of the recipe are gold. The number is found by dividing the karat number by 24. Remember, pure gold is 24ct. Divide 10 by 24 and you get .417, the number for 10k gold. For 10ct it is 417, 14ct is 585 and 18ct is 750.

e is the date letter. You can find out the date letter by comparing the date letter with the Birmingham date letter chart here. You have to be meticulous and make sure the square box matches, examine the corners of the box, not just the date letter.

We do not do valuations on Antique Jewelry Investor.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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