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Platinum and White Gold
by: Anonymous

Hi Amy thank you for writing in with the following question:

"I recently have been handed down my deceased grandmother's wedding bands. They are white gold/or platinum? I am really not familiar at all with antique jewelry but am very curious as to the origins of my grandmother's ring and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of finding more out.

The engangment band part of the ring has something written on the inside that is pretty worn... all I can really make out is that it has K. KA ???? something... maybe ending in 12K. The wedding band part of the set has 14KPAT and then a few weird worn markings kind of resembling an L."

Platinum was used very little until the late 1800s. It was at the height of popularity in the early 19th century so Platinum would have been the choice metal for a fashionable young bride's wedding and engagement bands in the early 1900s. Platinum is heavy and more expensive than gold. Hallmarking was officially legalized in the US until 1906, so before this date you can get some weird and wonderful marks on US manufactured jewelry.

However, marks for Platinum include, plat, plat 10% ird, platinum, 950

The 12 K indicates 12ct or 500 (parts per 1000) which means the metal is 50% gold. 12 K is rarely seen, and usually found on old watch cases.

Now white gold was only introduced around 1915, 18K white gold was introduced as a "perfect imitation of the more expensive metal."

The ring might be a combination of platinum and 12kt white gold (12ct is stronger than 18ct or 22ct gold)

Your local jeweler can test to determine the metal composition for you, especially if the marks are wearing away.

You are welcome to upload a photo of the hallmark in a follow-up submission for further research you wish. We are happy to have a look.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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