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Open Hearts Jewelry | Are the Initials TP in Lozenge?
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyres

Good Morning Jay!

this piece made me think of Jane Seymour's OPEN HEARTS Jewelry. Jane Seymour emphasizes in her eighth book -

Open Hearts: If Your Heart Is Open It Can Never Stay Broken, published in December 2008.

I like Jane Seymour attitude and the story that inspired the Open heart jewelry and also like Jane's attitude towards investing in Antique Jewelry in general :

"in an era where cutting the clutter has become its own literary genre, and experts tell the storage-unit generation, "You've got the memories, toss the stuff," where does jewelry fit in? "Jewelry doesn't take up much room," says Seymour. "Look, if you're stuck with your grandma's oak furniture or flowery china, and your style is modern, then I'd say get rid of the stuff.

But jewelry is an emotional response. It's not just gold and diamonds. It's pieces your mother wore, or your grandmother. It's pieces given as a promise, given as an 'I love you,' or bought for yourself as a celebration or a pick-me-up when you're feeling down. It's always one of these things."

You can read more about Jane Seymour's Open Hearts jewelry at the following link:

Jay, back to your hallmark question on Antique Jewelry Investor,

18kt gold caratage is the International Gold Standard, and indicates this piece is of high quality. Are the white stones we can see twinkling at us, on your open heart - diamonds? Are the initials in a lozenge shape (which some people call a "diamond") as in the Diamond on the playing cards and not the Diamond shape as in a girls' best friend shape of diamond?

Jay, do you have any idea about the pendant's age? Any background info to work with?

Best Wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre


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