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British Symbols
by: Anonymous

Hi Marjolein

The little cross-like symbol between the 750 and the Y marks, is one of several British symbols for Imported Silver, used after 1933.

Obviously, the 750 is for .750 Assay mark (Purity mark), again used on Imports to the UK ca 20thC.

It could be that RAM are either the initials of an undocumented studio jeweler or, most likely, those of the importers or fine retailers in London that sold this item.

In essence, the marks indicate a ca 1933 onwards manufacture and that it was imported for sale in the UK, I'm sorry that there is no other specific information beyond that...

best wishes,


More Information Requested.
by: Anonymous

Hi Marjolein thanks for writing in.

could you please attach three photos and send to the following email address:

1. One photo should be the actual marks
2. The second that of the entire item, and
3. The third that of a larger area surrounding the mark

Also any information in relation to the following:

1. When and how acquired, for example: inherited from grandma 10 years ago when she was in her 80s  OR  purchased at a Flea Market or Auction 6 years ago  OR  picked it up at a Garage Sale from a French family 2 years ago etc

2. Any related family history that may help in focusing our research to a particular Period or Region.

3. Any other information you may have already discovered and any other details that will help.

with regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre  

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