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GIA Carlsbad
by: Anonymous

Trevor, indeed, we have pearl connoisseurs asking if they could take a portrait of this pearl!

The world headquarters of GIA is in Carlsbad, just up the freeway a few miles. Direct delivery and big savings on shipping insurance!

Trevor, PLEeese could you submit in a follow-up submission (or send to my email) a photo of this 24mm perfect round south sea pearl. We are waiting to see.

south sea pearl 24mm
by: trevor mckenzie

Hi all we have is a scanneed photo of it will try to forward it to you. we are taking it on notice from the owner that he purchased it in Kampong Som 32 years ago. At the moment we are arranging for him to collect it and fly it to New York to have a GIA certificate done as it seems the only place to get one.

South Sea Pearls
by: Anonymous

Hi Tevor I'm sure there are pearl lovers out there interested in purchasing a south sea pearl like you describe. You might even get some enquiries here.

Any chance of a PHOTO? You can attach a photo of the pearl (nice good clear shot) in a follow- submission. Most people interested quite understandably will want to know how can they tell if the pearl is 34 years old? You can upload a photo of the pearl in another submission, or if you have more than one photo you can send to:


best regards,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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