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French Hallmarks/Maker mark french gold ring question.
by: Amelia Quihuis


I am a collector of vintage jewelry which I wear on a daily basis and am a firm believer in using what we already have:)
As a collector and a Virgo, I am a self educator researching at least 3-4 hours per day.
With that said, I would like to give my feed back in regards to the French gold ring with the French gold Hallmark, the eagle. Hope this helps!

The eagle (head) - used since 1838

MAKERS MARK: AG w/square framed star Alphonse Auger, Paris France

STYLE: Art Nouveau

Alphonse forms company in 1862, his son George enters firm in 1865.

STYLE: Art Nouveau
In 1862 Alphonse Auger forms his company. In 1865 Alphonse's son George enters the firm.

My best guess without seeing the ring is it was probably made around time when son enters firm, 1865. Value of your ring is both in purity of gold; France did not use less than 18k gold during this time period, as well as the age/time period.

An appraiser can help with the value of your ring. Just remember these helpful hints I learned early on:
1. Never sell to someone who is apprasing your items. Example, local antique stores are wonderful resources for Hallmarks, Makers Marks and time period, but it's way too tempting for an antique dealer to low ball you on the value so they can turn a profit.
2. If you hire an appraiser and they offer to buy a piece from you.. well, fire them! A ligit appraiser will never think of crossing that line of conflict of interest.
3. Selling it yourself: avoid Craigslist, and Ebay! I know, I know... why ebay? In my opinon ebay is heavily saturated with "items" in general, plus those sellers on ebay whom buy mass product can afford to sell at a lower cost. Right there your same/similar item of a higher price doesn't stand much of a chance. I love for quality, seller's price points and overall a great experience :)

I wish you all the best!

Amelia Quihuis

Possibly a Cricket?
by: Mel NZ

Have a look at the cricket in a manual that has been posted on line by Google.

Page 55 of actual book. Looks very similar.

Possibly not letters AG, but the legs of the cricket. Looks very similar to me.


Hi thanks for your Experties I have a gold pocket watch but it has no name but under the top cover there is 5 stamps on top there is a lion,, on the right there is a shield ,, on the left and on the bottom there is a head and in the middle there is an angel holding a bell and under these 5 stamps there is 18kt 4359 #### what do those sign means apart from the 18kt thanks and does it exist a book or on Internet of all different signs of Hallmarks thanks

French Maker's Mark| Hallmark Challenge
by: John

Can you please add close-up photos of the sponsor's mark. They are quite worn and difficult to see.



Pictorial underneath letters?
by: Anonymous

what is underneath the letters? It appears there's some kind of pictorial.

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