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by Police Officer #12
(Monongahela, PA )

What is the item?

A gold 14K gold link / chain bracelet with (possibly added later) 14k gold animal charms. Total weight is 24.1g

Can you please provide all background information?
An elderly resident in my jurisdiction had this bracelet stolen by a heroin addict and it was pawned at the local pawn shop. She stated she received it as a gift from her mother. She had the empty box. The box displays the name "Ellman's" (similar to a Service Merchandise but was baught out in 1985) but she could not be sure if the box belonged to the bracelet.

What are the markings?
PAT 3308517
14K above a triangle that points down and "PUM" and a registered trademark symbol within the triangle

Where are the markings?
Patent number on male end of clasp and the other on the top of the female end of clasp.

My want for information is because grading for theft charges are based on value of the stolen item. As of now I can only assess a value by weight of the gold. I want to make sure I get the correct value for the victim and any help is greatly appreciated.


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