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photo for pearl
by: Trevor

Have tried to post the scanned photo we have of the 24mm pearl but it wont go thru, if you email me i will email the picture to you and see if you can put it on, Cheers......

Photo for pearl
by: Anonymous

Its a long road, our client was unsure of the whole GIA process so we put two 15mm pearls in so he could feel compfortable with it, thay come out Monday LA time and we will be selling them, He is going to LA in a weeks time to put the 24mm pearl in personally and from what we understand it will come out with a photo, we have asked him to take a photo of it when he is there next to a quarter as he said they are about the same size as each other.He has a big picture of it on the wall of his house and it is perfectly round and showed us a 16mm pearl he purchased at the same time and said the big one was identacle, He also turned down $500,000 for it "is he crazy" we dont know as we cannot find any sort of price range for it.

Photo Request
by: Anonymous

Any chance of a photo?

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