How do I get a certificate or appraisal for vintage Mikimoto pearls that I inherited?

by Tracy Smulligan


I inherited a 17 inch strand of approx. 6mm Mikimoto pearls from my deceased aunt. At the time of inheritance they were appraised at $1500.00. The appraisal was 16 years ago and I no longer have the appraisal as I had never intended to sell them due to the sentimental value. I have since changed my mind as I have not worn them in the 16 years they have been in my possession. These pearls were purchased by my aunt who was stationed in Japan in the late 40's early 50's. They are in the original box and also included are two safety pin-like pieces each holding 5 smaller pearls.

I inquired with Ross Simons Estate jewelry buyers who offered me somewhere between $400 and $500 based on pictures that I sent. I am attaching pictures to this request because I believe this may be a low estimate. How do I go about having them reappraised or certified?

I have seen that they are good sellers on ebay but I would not want to list them without this certification that they are genuine or is there another way for a buyer to know that they are authentic Mikimotos by a marking or something on them? Any help you can give to me would be greatly appreciated. Pictures are attached.
Thank you.
Tracy S.

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