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Restore Tahitian Pearls
by: goldie

A friend of mine dropped her silver and tahitian pearl earrings in a silver cleaning solution. Upon pulling them out she could see that the pearls were very dull and the luster was gone. We discovered that the luster COULD BE RESTORED by running the pearls down with a Sunshine Polishing cloth. It really did work. These cloths can be purchased at Rio Grande or a local crafting/jewlery store. Good luck!

Oh No!
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain. This exact same thing happened to my mother 20 years ago, I will never forget the look on her face, this is why I never take my pearls anywhere near ammonia or chemical based cleaning solutions - ever!

I never wear spray perfume either when I wear pearls. I just use a cream perfume (non-alcohol based as I can't stand alcohol based perfumes anyhow) and apply to inside of my wrists, last thing while my dear husband fastens them on for me.

When I get my pearls re-strung, which is once every three years by my jeweller who is competent at handling pearl jewelry, he attends to cleaning the clasp which platinum, before re-stringing the pearls. It feels like Christmas after I get my pearls back from the jewellers all perfectly re-strung.

I hope they were not natural pearls, and that you regain the luster, even if you have to persuade, your prince charming to purchase a replacement.

Good Luck!

How to clean pearls?
by: Anonymous

Oh dear,

I'm afraid this cannot be repaired. Because the layer of the pearls will be destroyed.

The only way to clean pearls is with a wet soft towel. If you want to clean a clasp or something of another material or metal, you have to look out to do that without reaching the pearls.

I'm afraid the only thing you can to is to let replay the damaged pearls by others.

Marga Dobma

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