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Majorca hand knotted pearls
by: Anonymous

Just wondering how much 32 in strand in original grey velvet case is worth. Excellent condition

Majorica Pearls
by: Anonymous

Purchased 10/16/1968 string of pearls, 42cm 8cm. Color rosa-crema.
N. Del Collar 2210977

Grey Majorica Pearl Earrings
by: Yvonne

Thank you for wiring in.
They sound lovely. Im thinking the shade of grey of your pearls must be on the lighter side of grey as collectively this color will fall under the umbrella term of "black pearls". Black Pearl colors include gray, blue, green, and purple.
Can you describe the shape of pearls, i.e. Are they Round Pearls? Baroque? Style of earring? Are they drop earrings? Studs? The size of the actual pearl would also help in determining their value. Their age should also be considered i.e. new or vintage Majorica? When it comes to classic jewellery, new is good, but old is better :-)

Warmest Regards

Majorica Gris Pearl Earrings - Value?
by: Anonymous

Curious about the potential value of Majorica Pearl earrings. The findings appear to be 18K gold plated.

Gris (gray pearls) with original box and documentation.

Thanks so much!!!

Majorica Pearls - 24 inches in original box.
by: Yvonne

Majorica pearls are attributed to be one of the finest brands of man-made pearls in the market. They are very long lasting due to the thick layering of nacre. Their value (2022), providing these Pearls are in good condition would be around US $250

Warm Regards

Mothers 50 year old pearls
by: Anonymous

How much are a 24" string of white pearls worth in their original case? They are at least 50 years old

What do you think?
by: Helen

These were brought for nana and given to me

Black mayorcan pearls
by: BobbieAnonymous

I have a necklace that was bought by my aunt in Spain! She said they were Mayorcian? Bought back in late 50’sthey are very heavy. There are 200 on the wire . What an you tell me about them. The wire broke and I am having them restrung

I have 3 strands of Majorca pearls. 11-15mm each
by: Ina

I have 2 strands of white color 15-16" each and has gold ball clasp on each. Size is 15mm+
I have green purple gray strand 16" with silver ball clasp. 11-14mm
From a. Dry reputable store. I bought these 15 years ago .
I have one of the boxes and the Majorca instructions and probably the certificates somewhere.
What are these strands worth today.I paid a lot of money for the then. About $300 each strand

Thank you

Majorica pearls
by: Joanne

I have a strand of pearls at least 50 yrs old 2712080 in original case. Along with earrings what would the value be?

by: Anonymous

Hello, I recently found a pearl bracelet with sterling silver clasp. The case and paperwork inside both say Delta.. and a guarantee from Delta that these pearls are from Majorca. With also a Reg. No. 53794. Where can I find more info on these? Are they worth anything? There is nothing wrong with them and are very beautiful pearls.

Alyssa of my perals
by: Anonymous

I have double strand of Majorca man made pearls. 24 inches. Each pearl is 8 mm. It was purchases in 1972. That box and the paperwork is with it.
I would like to know its value.

Thank you,

by: Anonymous

Hi I have a set of single strand simulated majorica pearls fitted with gold plated sterling silver pendant in curved shape set with 8 cubic zirconia stones with gold plated silver lever catch . Would like to know how much they are valued at

Majorica Pearls
by: D

Marjorica Pearl's 6mm 26 cm in length have a box all paperwork tag with # E 596461 in great condition never worn. How much roughly are they worth Thanks

by: Yvonne

Hi Laurie

without seeing them in person but going by your description - would value around $200 USD. Providing they are MAJORICA Pearls

It may help for those trying to sell Majorica Pearls to know that the registered trademark of these types of man-made pearls is -


Because of the good reputation of Majorica Pearls, attempts have been made to deceive unwary customers by marketing look-alike pearls with such names as
Majorque, Majorca and Mallorca.

Warm Regards

Majorca pearl necklace
by: Laurie

Wondering value? I have original box in excellent condition.
60 cm. 7 mm v 1, col R , T C is on back of the box label. Thank you

by: Apollonius

Hi - I have just purchased (2020) a vintage Majorica pearl bracelet - 1970s - to wear to a wedding next month. The findings are silver. The length is 8 inches and it has a safety chain. I paid $120 USD. Hope this comparative price helps.

Value pearl bracelet
by: Bollinja

I have a Majorcan pearl bracelet with original box and guarantee 324207
I think they are about 35/40 years old they have been stored in the original box
Ideas of their value?

Pink Majorica Pearls
by: Yvonne

Hi Shirley

is the necklace a single strand? The length and diameter of pearls will help. Are they in good condition? Thanks for writing in

Majorica pink pearl necklace
by: Shirley

Is there value to this necklace numbered 3840666 bought in 75
Unfortunately the case was damaged in move but still can hold necklace

Wanting to know worth Majorica Pearls
by: Anonymous

I have a set of Majorica pearl necklace and earnings, purchased Jan. 6th 1968, no. 2054612. Can you tell me what this set is worth today?

Vintage Hobe Pearls with green & black tags
by: Anonymous

I have original tags on my vintage Hobe pearls with green and back tags on it. One reads- "Made in Majorca Spain Registered Guaranteed" and "Madonna Pearls from Majorica by Hobe Simulated", and the other tag has "Hobe" on one side and and the original price of $42.00 on the reverse side. On the clasp itself there are no markings.

Simulated Pearls
by: Anonymous

Hobe is high quality costume jewelry and famous for designing jewelry for The Ziegfeld Follys and movie stars. They have been in business in the USA for over 100 years . They have closed their doors around 20 years ago. The green tag sounds like the designer label. Is it still in box? Don't know about the back tag.

Hobe Pearls What is green tag? And metal tag. Black with numbers
by: Anonymous

I have a green tag says spain and also some sort of metal tag for 760ml. Madonna pearls. By Hobe pearls.

Majorca Pearls Worth Today
by: Susan

Curious to know how much my Majorca pearl necklace #M552690 is worth (circa 1985-1988) in original box with original tag. It measures 7mm pearls and is 45cm long. Also have a black pearl bracelet #M999161 with matching post earrings in original box with Tag. 7mm pearls and is 19cm long.

by: Elizabeth

What is the value of my 1968 Majorica pearl necklace #18555191 in it's original box with the tag and signed registration card? It's in perfect condition.
Thank you.

A rare and long rope of Majorica Pearls
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Elizabeth!

what an interesting piece of Majorica jewelry. A sextuple strand of Majorica Pearls and they are 70 inches in length! Rare indeed and I'm not surprised you have seen anything like them before.

This longest length of pearls is called a "rope" and to add more drama to the dramatic length of the pearls you have six strands. They no doubt would be in immaculate condition and with the original box. I would not imagine there would be any need for a clasp with this length? Please confirm. Could you also let me know how wide this long rope of Majorica pearls are Elizabeth? Thank you for sharing!

Kind Regards

1979 purchased Majorica 6 strand 70" necklace
by: Elizabeth

So interesting what they paid for back then but the big question is the value today? I can not even find anything like the ones I own, gorgeous intertwined 6 strands in original box and all the certification and registration information. Any suggestions where to find something of this extravagant look for price?

Vintage Majorica Pearls and Matching Earrings
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Hi Frank

Majorica pearls are man-made pearls also known as faux pearls and Majorica Perals are renowned for their quality.

More Information About Majorica Pearls Can Be Found Here

Each pearl is made up of multiple layers of organic nacre and more closely resemble Natural Sea Pearls than any other man-made pearls. Majorica pearls are recognized as the finest man-made pearls and are sought after because the multiple, thick layering of nacre is heavy, making these pearls very durable and long lasting.

Condition and the length and diameter of the pearls determine the price. An original box also adds. I could buy in 2014 for around
$150 - $ 200 a good quality 15 inch strand of Majorica pearls with matching clip on earrings.

Best Regards

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