how much is my oval white/beige pearl necklace worth

by brittany
(denver colorado united states)

my step grandma bought me a beige/ white oval shaped pearl necklace. She got it overseas while on vacation. I read alot about pearls and i know that this is a real piece. it is tied between every pearl with a white cloth like looking material. It is a choker on me because she bought it while i was a child.

Not every pearl is the same. some pearls reflect mirror like images more than others. i would say only about 5% of the pearls have a milky reflection while the 95% have a mirror like reflection. they are fairly tiny about 5-6 mm i would say. the color is beige with some pink and green faint tones. if you look closely.

Every person who wants to look at it wants to charge 100 or over! im not willing to spend that because im concerned they may not be worth as much as i spend. please help estimate a price? also i do not know what type of pearl these are?

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