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Cleaning Pearls by Mary
by: Anonymous

Obviously, these pearls mean a lot to you. It could be the pearl earrings have discolored due to perfume. The chemicals in perfume can often stain the delicate nacre layer of a pearl. Around the neck and ear area, is where women most often spray perfume. They should have a warning on the label!

Try Mary's cleaning pearl method.....It just might work!

1. Place soiled pearls, either loose or still in a necklace, bracelet or earrings into a pantyhose leg or a piece of bridal veil fabric and secure ends so pearls cannot escape.

2. Fill a sink with warm water and mild shampoo.

3. Place "bag" of pearls (or your mabe earring) into water and shampoo mixture and gently message the pearls with the bridal veil fabric or pantyhose being careful not to put stress on the silk thread, in the case of a pearl strand.

4. When you sense that the soil is removed, rinse with clear water.

5.Take pearls from "bag" and gently absorb moisture with a towel and allow to dry.

You may be surprised at how much pollution your pearls have picked up over the years.

Apparently, Mary has been working with pearls for a long time now and the last ones she cleaned for a friend were no longer gray, but a brilliant white once more.

Warm Regards

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