I have a few gulf pearls, and have NO idea what they are worth...

by Olivia
(Virginia, USA)

9mm gulf pearl ring,

9mm gulf pearl ring,

I just recently went to Qatar to do field research on the history of pearl diving. I learned much about the process of diving for pearls in the gulf, and acquired some pearls as gifts during my interviews, but have no idea what their value is.

I have some that are baroque shaped, 10mm in length, with fair luster but their shape has a few very small consistent lumps. I have some that are perfect circles (to the naked eye) that are about 4-9 mm in diameter, with fair luster (see picture attached). I have about 10 in total, and being a jeweler by trade, would like to start using them in my jewelry, but don't know how to price them.

I have looked online, and can't find any GENERAL guide to the value of natural gulf pearls. I know that in the gulf, they were measured by the 'shoo', and cannot imagine trying to convert their complicated measuring system into something that I could use for pricing.

Can anyone give me some kind of general idea of their worth?

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