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The Value of a Pearl Necklace
by: Anonymous

I have a pearl necklace and I've been trying to see if it's worth anything. I got it from my mother who got it from her mother.

It has 70 pearls and they are stranded on like in little knots and the necklace has a 14k white gold latch on the end it came in a black leather case inside of the case it is lined in satin. But I was just trying to see if maybe someone could tell me what it's worth. It's a pretty old pearl necklace....

Hi Jennie!

as custodians of timeless pearl jewelry know that Condition means everything when it comes to all types of pearl jewelry after-all an oyster cannot repair a pearl.

The fact that your pearl necklace is in the original box indicates the pearls have been well cared for and loved and are more likely to be in a better condition than pearls not in a box. Hence an increase in the value of jewelry in it's original box.

Knotted pearls indicate good quality and good condition. The tiny knots between the pearls protect the pearls from rubbing against each other, friction (and any chemical including perfume) can damage the outer nacre layers.

The type of pearl and the condition of the pearls, to a large degree determines the value of the pearls

The more objective information you can glean concerning the type of pearls, their color and condition will help the appraiser when valuing the pearls.

If you decide to have your jewelry appraised on-line in-focus, close-up images speak a thousand words.

Take Majorica pearls for instance, are beautiful pearls and sought after. These pearls are imitation pearls.

Natural Pearls are the prize, but very rare and expensive.

Mr Mikimoto brought pearls down from our dreams and into the realms of possibility for every woman with his passion for cultured pearls and a marketing genius set on high to achieve this.

Also pay attention to the clasp. Examine it carefully to see if there is a maker's mark and to access the quality. This will provide clues in determining the value of your beautiful pearls.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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