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Mikimoto Pearl Info
by: Anonymous

Hi Becky the value of pearls depends on soooooo many factors. The Quality of the pearls is the overriding factor.

If the strand of pearls have the Mikimoto signature on the clasp this will add to the value. The signature for Mikimoto is a letter M in a clam shell - some people say it is a zig-zag.

How long are the strand of pearls? the more good quality pearls you have, the more valuable the pearls will be.

What size diameter are the pearls? Are they in good condition? What is the color and the luster of pearls like? No peeling, flaking or blemishes? Has the strand been re-strung? If they come in the Mikimoto box this will add to their value because it tells a buyer these pearls have been cared for and loved.

There is a lot of info on Cultured Pearls on this site.

There is also a page devoted entirely to Mikimoto pearls.

That should get you started! The more you understand about your pearls the more chance you will have of getting the best price. We do not provide valuations on Antique Jewelry Investor.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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