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Big & Ugly Blister Pearl
by: Anonymous

Nice blister pearl!

But not all blister pearls are so sweet and cute as yours.

There are Monster Blister pearls famous because of their record large sizes and not due to them being beautiful or pleasing to the eye.

Big does not always equal beautiful.
True the large south sea pearls are prized for their large sizes and the value increases with each degree of mm but blister pearls are something quite different.

Read the fascinating story of monster blister pearls...

How big is it?
by: Simone

Elle what an amazing pearl! Can you tell us the size of the pearl?
How long ago did you boyfriend find it? Cheers Simone

One in a Million Blister Pearl
by: Anonymous

Hi Elle!

what an incredible pearl! And in the shape of a heart and no need for imagination as it really is clearly a heart shaped pearl!

Your sweet boyfirend has found you a natural blister pearl! Blister pearls are the result of a merger between the pearl and the mother-of-pearl shell. This means the pearl has integrated into the normal growth process of the shell, consequently increasing in nacre thickness during the life of the mollusc.

Blister Pearls are sometimes left attached to the shell backing or can be cut apart from the shell into freeform shapes, showing both the inner shell and the Pearl. They can also be cut away from the shell entirely so that just the round Pearl or in this case, the heart shaped barqoue pearl is left. I would not recommend cutting anything away for this pearl. It looks amazing just how it is, the heart pearl integrated completely within the mother-of-pearl shell. So beautiful Elle!

This is how "half-Pearls" are made, the pearls are cut away from the shell backing. Half pearls are then used for earrings, rings, and other forms of jewelry where a flat back is required.

Depending on the material you want to use to mount your pearl together with the degree of craftesmanship will determine the selling price.

For example, a gold filled or sterling silver wire wrapped pendant, would not cost as much as an 18 ct gold surround.

Personally speaking I think the pearl in sterling silver wire would be your best choice, no suffocating this pearl in metal no matter how precious but showcasing it in a simple protective cacoon of silver wire. We are happy to do this for you. Contact me for more details.

If you wish to sell this pearl - this could also be arranged - I would not consider anything less than $5000 US for this pearl - it is a natural pearl which is rare together with the shape which is rarer than one-in-a-million and nearly a perfectly formed all natural heart! I would be happy to promote this pearl for you on my website because it is so beautiful Elle, and so is your story on how you came to be its new owner. Get back to me Elle so I can give you more details.

Yours sincerely

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