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Diamond necklace
by: Pulido

925 necklace OW global mark 2diamonds and a blue stone

What means the number by OW (Wiskemann)
by: Anonymous

The site is a good help for me, thanks. But there remains a question: the mark: OW+ and a number
thereby: 25. Can it be the year (I don't think so)
or the contents of the silveroverlay? It would be very helpfull if someone here could help me. I can,
if necessary, make a photo. Thank you in advance.

Gerda Hamacher

Similar to Wiskemann
by: Yvonne

Good Morning
thanks for writing in. Love your graphics. Thank you.

The signing of the goldsmith is visible symbol of sobriety transmitted over the years.

The initials look like ORFEVRERIE WISKEMANN - BRUNO WISKEMANN -The Wiskemann dynasty has guaranteed for more than a century the quality of its jewelry & cutlery.

A quick research of the Wiskemann dynasty condensed history runs like the 2nd half of the 20th century Bruno Wiskemann merged with Delheid Frères and the new firm went under the name of S.A. Wiskemann N.V. Maker of silver-plate and solid silver items, its mark is registered at the "Monnaie Royale de Belgique".

1870s - Present:
(Manufacturing Silversmiths, Brussels, Belgium, and Switzerland) - ca 1870s - Present

Now the pearl necklace... the master of the cultured pearl, Mikimoto, opened the pearl jewelry flood-gates literally; there was frenzy for cultured pearl jewelry and especially necklaces during this time. Silver Pearl Clasps were in big demand.

The Belgium hallmark on silver small articles is a small five petal round flower. (looks a bit like a "globe". Please see link and image below.

If I'm reading this right, one possibility is the "globe" next to initials could be the Belgium purity mark, found on 925 silver small articles. ( ca 1942 - to present - on larger articles, it will also have in the center of the flower: either I or II depending on 925 or 835 respectively).

The Wiskemann family is a wellknown silversmith dynasty in Belgium today. The punch of Wiskemann is deposited at the Royal Belgian Mint, it identifies the manufacturer and guarantee quality in that all Wiskemann items meet quality specifications.

Happy Hunting!

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