Inherited Pearl Necklace

by Tammy Seneque
(Livingston, Scotland, UK)

Hello, My grandma gave me a string pearl necklace a few years back (before my wedding). As you can see in the photos its a string of cultured pearls necklace by Imperial, the packaging is quite old and warn as well the clasp looking a bit rustic :-) I love it as a gift though because pearls never go out of style a

nd what a great memoir to keep from my loving grandma (plus a little more pc than the mink coat she passed down that she bought in Russia a few decades ago). My question is, I was thinking about getting the pearls restrung with a newer clasp (although they string holding them now feels quite strong), however I don't know if that would be destroying a classic expensive necklace or just 'updating' a mass produced costume jewlery. If its a valuable original then I'd like to keep as is. There is no date on the boxes nor the necklace, it only says 'Japan' on the back of the clasp. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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