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570 gold hallmark
by: Anonymous

i seen your answer but you never said if there is 570 gold

Gold Markings
by: Thomas

Gold is marked in two ways. Either the ?karat? is shown, like ?10k? or the NUMBER that means ?10k? is used.

What do the numbers mean? Pure gold is 24k. The numbers uses to stamp gold jewelry show how much pure gold is in the metal. Gold in jewelry is made from a recipe combining pure gold with other metals. The recipe is a mix of metals like copper and silver added to pure gold.

White gold has metal added to make a whiter color and pink or rose gold has metal added to make the metal have a pink shade. The recipe determines first the karat wanted, whether 10k or some other karat. Second, the recipe determines the color of the final mix, the "alloy" of gold. Be assured, the pure gold is a total part of the final metal used, not scatterd here and there! Like in a loaf of bread you do not go back to find the eggs and the flour. It all comes together to make a uniform final mix.

Regardless of the recipe, there must be a way to show how much pure gold is in the metal. That is why we have karat marks. The numbers show the percent or ?how many parts? of the recipe are gold. The number is found by dividing the karat number by 24. Remember, pure gold is 24k. Divide 10 by 24 and you get .417, the number for 10k gold. Generally when gold is stamped, the ?period? is left off and just the number is shown. For 10k it is 417, 14k is 585 and 18k is 750.

Funny thing about marks..when you divide to find the number for 14k, the answer is 583! The mark is generally 585. This is because many European countries use a slightly higher standard and the gold is slightly higher than 14k. Most 14k gold made today is of the 585 kind, slightly higher than 14k.

God Bless and Peace to All. Thomas.

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