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Platinum Family
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

we can't see the mark in the photo, so we can't comment. PALLADIUM never needs RHODIUM PLATING, in the way you'd have to do the white gold jewelry you may own in order to keep it looking like white gold.

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Rhodium Plating

palladium is one of the six metals in the platinum group. Rhodium is also of the same family. At one time the color of white gold was not very white due to the nickel content of 10% - Drum roll, enter Rhodium plating.

Rhodium plating is occasionally used on White gold & silver.

Rhodium plating is yet another modern jewelry manufacturing process that is very toxic, and the public are not aware.

You see, when the rhodium solution wear out, it is more than likely (especially in the third world countries) to get poured down the drain and this solution with sulfuric acid is environmentally hazardous when it gets into the water table. Sulfuric acid is a known cancer causing agent.

There is no need to use rhodium plating anymore thanks to the new ultra white alloys out there like ARGEN.

You can read more about this subject, Rhodium Plating Should Be Banned Now by Stephen Fortner


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