Is this a Hallmark {K} and if so who made the piece?

by Kathy
(Virginia Beach, Va.)

Amelia  Earhart Necklace

Amelia Earhart Necklace

I have a necklace that belonged to Amelia Earhart. Has been in my family for 75 years. Was appraised and dated from 1925-1929. Have researched for years for provenance which, of course, would be a photograph. But to no avail! But on the piece (hand-etched) is the identification number J3238 and it is quality stamped "14K" with another mark {K}

..Is it possibly to determine who made this piece and where it came from? I have other factors which would help me prove that it did in fact belong to Amelia Earhart but the maker of this piece would get me even closer! Any help would be greatly appreciated..Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kathy

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