Italian diamond braclet found with metal detector - ladder mark

by Gary

back of clasp

back of clasp

dug up a diamond bracelet on my brother's property built in the early 1800's. on ones side of the clasp it's marked "Italy" on one side and there are several marks, 18k, 750, then a 'star' with the number 23 after it, then the letters VR to the right of the star23, also has a symbol of with a P and a picture of a ladder going up and a O to the right of the ladder, so a P_O with a ladder inbetween, then there is a picture of an upside down triagle with a rightside up triangle to the right of it which is smaller than the first with a round dot on top if it....then lastly , in very faint letters it spells out as 6 marks alltogether on the little side of a clasp...can you identify?

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