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Italian White Gold
by: Amanda Mason

Because an item is stamped 14k unfortunately does not mean that it is. If you want to be absolutely sure that it is, there are a couple of options.

Gold testing kits are very affordable and will come in handy if you're going to be investing in gold in the form of jewelry. You can purchase the entire kit for around $25-$30. It includes testing solutions for 10k-14-18-22-24k to platinum and silver and usually a testing stone which will allow you to rub the ring or item in question without damaging it.

Bring your item in to be tested. Most places that buy gold and silver are equipped with diamond testers and gold testing kits. You are not required to sell it and they usually do not charge a fee to test your item.

You also will want to look for tell-tale signs that the item is not gold, such as wearing or rust. It's important to remember that even though the piece is marked, with the price of gold today sky-rocketing, people have the ability to buy the stamps at jewelry making stores and and forge the markings.


fiat money & gold
by: John

Hi Walt
just would like to know about the MILOR gold bracelet you've asked about- is MILOR a brand name? i haven't come across the word before and curious. After I looked at the gold prices today, decided to invest in gold jewelry like gold bracelets as opposed to fiat money.


14 k in lozenge
by: Jennifer

Hi Walt

I think you mean a rhombus which is sometimes referred to as a lozenge. White gold is very popular. Lucky you!

A rhombus has four sides. It is a quadrilateral with all four sides equalling the same length.

The rhombus is often called a diamond, named after the diamond suit in playing cards, or can be referred to as a lozenge. However, a lozenge usually refers to a rhombus with a 45 degree angle.

If it's a 14K in a lozenge and it's Italian, the chances are pretty good that it's either 1. 14 karat gold purity mark or 2. Maker's mark.

How do you work out the bracelet's Italian?


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