Jess James necklace designed and handmade by Shaun Leane

by Caroline
(Lincoln UK)

Hi, somebody bought me a Jess James necklace 6 years ago - Jess James was a jeweller in Soho, London but he has since closed down. The necklace was designed and handmade by Shaun Leane (who apparently Sotherbys and celebrities are a huge fan of!). I don't know what is is made out of, could be silver or white gold - the pendant is a flower - possibly a lilly, with grey/black on the petals - apparently he uses enamel for colour.

There are also two tusks (about an inch long) which hang down your back on two chains. I cannot read any of the hallmarkings, they are too small, apart from the name Shaun Lean - there is something under his name, 4 markings but they are too small and also something on the clasp but again it is too small. I would like to know what it is made of and also how to get it valued?

Many thanks

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