by bob deno
(rupert idaho usa)

What is the item?

A wedding band with ring guard

Can you please provide all background information?

I bought it at a pawn shop and took it to several jewelry chain stores to have it verified that the diamonds were real. They all asked me the same questions; if i wanted to sell it and where i got it. It has one main 3/4 carat and six accent 1/4 carat each diamond. All are d grade flawless absolutely and are ideal brilliant princess cut and all were impressed with it and kept trying to buy it. When the sun hits it, it throws a prism light beam 2 feet in the air off of it.
What are the markings?

Where are the markings?
Kkp then it has a 0 with a long wild tail and 53. Also has occ and then lc in seperate spots. Also has a oblong circle with a small symbol. Also the crown and main stone guard appear to be plat or white gold and the rest yellow gold.
The markings are inside the band and also the guard...

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