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9ct ring
by: steve

Hi there,

your ring is made of 9ct gold, and was hallmarked at the London assay office. The funny sign that looks like an upside down omega sign was a mark that was used to show that the item had been made abroad. It was known as an "import" mark, and it was abolished in 1999. The Q is the date letter for 1990.
In summary then, you have a 9ct gold ring, hallmarked in 1990, hallmarked in London, but manufactured abroad.

Jewelry Resources and Platinum
by: Anonymous

Hi Lisa,

the mark I can clearly decipher is the UK London mark on
PLATINUM on IMPORTED WARES - ca 1933 - 1975.

I believe the ring is made of two metals - 9ct gold and platinum. Platinum is often used around diamond settings as it is really strong.

Examine the other marks under a jeweler loupe. The shield with the letters within it are the maker's mark and this would be the manufacturing jeweler who imported the jewelry. The mark at the end is the date letter, this denotes the year the jewelry was assayed. It will be a year between 1933 and 1975.

In the Jewelry Resources there's a link to "Researching British Hallmarks" that takes you to the date letter charts of the UK assay offices.

Find the London Assay Office date letter chart and compare the letter at the end of your ring (and the shield that it's in!) with the column of letters in the London date letter chart. The one that matches will be the year the ring was assayed.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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