'Loch Ness Monster biting a fish' ring? (^.^)

by Aika

Loch Ness Monster ring

Loch Ness Monster ring

Hi, my name is Aika. You probably laughing right now due to the title Hallmark question. You should be. I'm laughing out loud just by typing the title.

Anyways, I've found this ring that seems pretty strange. I'm not sure of the symbols though. Let me say that I've found this old ring box and inside it stated, "TO THE QUEEN, J.W. BENSON, 25 OLD BOND STREET, LONDON" It's a little bit strange because I know that JW Benson is known for antique watches. I'm not entirely sure about jewelries.

About the ring, I can describe that it is gold and it has a jade stone with engraved symbol of Loch Ness Monster biting a fish (probably a Baracuda). But what I'm really curious is the symbols engraved within the inner ring. It has a symbol of 'RNW', symbol of a 'royal crown', '18', 'shield' and letter 'q'. I've attached the picture of the ring. I couldn't capture the inner symbols because it's too tiny.

Just wondering what it means... and if there is a possibility chance that I can return this ring to whomever lost it.

Thanks. (^.^)

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