Looking for any pearl information

by Angela Palummo
(Louisville, Kentucky USA)

orginal case

orginal case

I recently received a pearl necklace that was bought in Korea around 1953. I took them to have them restrung and the clasp repaired, and was assured by the jeweler that they were natural pearls. Orginally they were not knotted. I was wondering if by looking at the pictures if you can tell what type of pearls they are, and of course any value.

I do plan on having them certified by the GIA eventually, but have no intentions of selling at all, but am curious of any information. I plan to keep them to be passed on, and would like to be able to provide that information when they are gifted.

Thank you for anything you have to offer. There are a total of 105 pearls including a pearl on the clasp. I do have additional pics I can send. The pearl earrings were bought at the same time.

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