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by: Anonymous

Jennifer I did say they had the designer initials.CW and they are stamped.925 and haven’t peeled.

by: Cecelia Valverde

Yes they do have designer initials CW Lao they are peeled or defective and very obvious that they are antique.

Testing for Majorica Pearls
by: Anonymous

Majorca are faux pearls however the smooth surface of the Majorica pearl when rubbed against the cutting edge of the teeth compared to the gritty surface of cultured and natural pearls is considered to be a conclusive majorica pearl test however care should e taken, as this test can damage the pearl!

Also the absence of any visual blemishes is also a good clue!
They use a meticulous process that involves multiple "dippings" in a compound extracted from fish scales. Polished and then finally coated in a solution that hardens the bead and protects it from discolouration by ultraviolet radiation.

The most popular Majorica imitation pearl size is 6-7mm in diameter.

Best of Luck!

by: Anonymous

Most faux pearls will peel and these have not peeled at all. I would feel safe to say Majorca and also they do not feel gritty against the teeth like Natural pearls.

Charles Winston ?
by: Anonymous

They also have initials CW which could be Charles Winston.

by: Anonymous

They do have the initials CW

Unusual, Elegant Pearl Earrings
by: Anonymous

Cecelia thanks so much for writing in. ... the style of earring is elegant, unusual, I can see why you describe them as "amazing" the style is similar - (the earring finding at the top) to ancient jewelry and ear pendants from Phoenicia - (FYI - the style of Phoenician jewelry was adapted from Ancient Egypt).

The silver-work, looks handmade, from where I am sitting....

Majorica pearls, which are man-made or synthetic, trace their origins to Majorica, the Spanish Island located in the Mediterranean. Majorica pearls are renowned for their startling similarity to natural pearls.

Information on Majorica pearls can be found Here...

Cecelia I would advise to take them to a reputable jeweler in your area, experienced in pearl jewelry and ask for his/her opinion first. You really should get an in-store opinion, although most unlikely, but then again, for all we know, they could be Natural pearls. The only way to postively ID natural pearls is by xray.

Please keep us posted of your findings.

Warm Regards

Faux Pearls
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately the pictures submitted are just too small to really make any difinitive identification. I blew them up as much as I could and they still were not clear. That said, if they are stamped 925 for sterling silver and the pearls are as large as they are, then it may be safe to assume that they are faux pearls. Majorca is a brand of man made pearls and usually have their maker's mark somewhere on the findings. There have been a number of companies that claim they produce Majorca like pearls. For that reason, I am hesitant to call them Majorcas. It sounds like you are pleased with your purchase. Enjoy them! Jennifer

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