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Do Not be Disappointed With Your Majorica Pearls
by: Anonymous

Hi Susan

do not be disappointed! First Lady Barbara Bush has been spotted by the media wearing Majoricas. Majorica Pearls are man-made Pearls and are renowned for their superb quality. Each pearl is made up of multiple layers of organic (made of fish scales) nacre and more closely resemble Natural Pearls than any other imitation pearls.

The main colours that Majorica produces are Cream Rose, White, Black, and Gray. The principal colours are based on the demands of three key markets: Europe (cream rose) and the United States (cream rose with white on the increase) and Scandinavia and Canada - white.
You may be interested to know that Cream rose represents the lion's share being 85% of Majorica's total production while white, gray and black represent the remaining 15%.

I believe White is the most expensive colour to produce, because it is more difficult both to extract the guanine from the fish scales to produce white and then to apply the resulting "pearl essence" to the bead; the slightest contamination of the solution (i.e., dust) will also interfere with the colour

Majorica pearls are said to be the finest man-made pearls and are sought after because of the thick layers of "nacre" making these pearls very durable and long lasting. They are hand polished and usually silk knotted.

Yes, I have seen vintage strands of Majorica Pearls with solid gold clasps. Usually the gold will be marked though.

Kind Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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