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Trying to find out the value of Majorca Pearls
by: Lisa

Are Majorica pearls 2713056 in their original box worth anything? I think they were purchased in the 1930s.

Reply to “The certificate is meaningless”
by: Anonymous

You are correct that Majorca pearls are good quality simulated pearls. They are made in Majorca Spain. However, your comment on the certificate is meaningless is incorrect. Yes, it’s true they’re not the value of real pearls but they are the "best" simulated pearl made. They have been made for many many yrs now.They are also pricey—not, of course, the price of real pearls of equal luster & size. You can purchase "real" pearls of low quality,that’d not have the value of a good Majorca strand. Certified matters

Majorca Pearls
by: Anonymous

Majorca pearls are not real. They are beautifully engineered fake pearls. If you think you can get the same price as real pearls you are being duped. The "certificate" is meaningless.

Majorica pearl
by: Anonymous

My ex boyfriend now my husband had asked his childhood friend to buy one majorica necklace from Japan many years back in 1977 during my birthday worth then at $500. I didn't know the value drop or even no value as of to date. Very upset.I have been keeping and treasure it until today after doing some search. So disappointed.

by: Anonymous

Thank you. Will check the website now.

by: Antique Jewelry Investor Support

Expert Jewelry Appraisals Online :-)

Majorica necklace worth
by: Anonymous

Not sure why the comment was made saying, "Don't you want the authentic Majorica Pearls?" Chris you have the certification card, and ribbon. I too have a black choker and am trying to find what it is worth. And yes on EBay they are selling for hundreds of dollars but hope the buyers are educating themselves before spending this. I may try and find someone to appraise my set.

MAJORICA Crisali vintage pearl
by: Anonymous

Only the vintage MAJORICA Crisali pearls since they are 18K. and worth about 25 euro. You see a lot of just the MAJORICA on EBAY at exhausting prices.. Definitely not worth the price. Would't you rather have the real thing.

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