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Are Majorica Pearls "Real" Pearls?
by: Anonymous

Hi Carol!

your pearls sound beautiful. These pearls you were given on your 16th birthday clearly mean so much to you. If you decide to hand your Pearls down to your granddaughter, I'm sure she will treasure them, as you have over the years.

Majorica pearls are REAL man-made pearls Carol. There is a general confusion with the term "REAL PEARLS".

In truth, the only True, or "Real" Pearls are
Natural Pearls!

Fine quality Natural Pearls are very rare and very expensive & usually pass hands privately.

Of all the Imitation pearls, Majorica Pearls are my favorites. Majorica have perfected the art of manufacturing a perfectly round pearl. The production of Majorica Pearls also pose no threat to marine environments, as no pearl farming is involved in making Majorica Pearls.

The exact technique involved in producing a Majorica Pearl is a closely guarded secret, even today. Carol, you can find more information about Majorica Pearls at this Link.....

There are so many factors that influence the value of Pearl Jewelry and in reference to your Majorca pearls. The Condition of the Pearls, whatever type of pearls, is one of the most important.

After worrying about the market value, sometimes for decades, most women find it a relief to finally know what their jewelry is actually worth in financial terms. "own their jewellery."

You can arrange to have your pearls valued by pearl authorites. Directions are Here...

Photos, (preferably three photos) of the pearls, should be supplied. An online jewelry valuation is a simple & straight forward process.

Best wishes,

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