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Majorica Pearl Set
by: Pam

Pam.... I do believe the chain is sterling silver. But nowhere does it state so on the box. I wish I could figure out how to repost the original pictures I had sent in the first time! Thanks for the great question and again I'll work on pics!

Sterling Silver or Silver colored Metal?
by: Pam

is the silver chain with the pearl attached, that you mentioned made from Sterling Silver or is it a silver colored metal. This will have an impact on the final value. Love Pam

Majorica Pearl set
by: Dianne

I apologize my pictures are not showing that I had posted.... It is a set of stud earrings and a silver chain that loops with a larger matching single pearl at the end. It is in the original box with all of the proper paperwork!

Majorica Pearl Set
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Diane

thank you for your patience. What does your Majorica set comprise of? Are your pearls still in their original box? Condition?! I don't believe this was mentioned. Are the strands in need of re-stringing? Are the findings still snappy and secure? All these things would be taken into consideration when getting an online jewelry appraisal.

Majorica Pearls are the grandam of Imitation pearls and the company have created, quite amazing, perfect looking pearls; perfectly matched and perfectly rounded. In comparison, no two Natural Pearls, are exactly alike.

Best Wishes,


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