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by: Anonymous

Majorica pearl lovers include the rich and famous, who rather eschew an authenticity certificate or a designer label, for a strand of pearls that would fool the pearl gods themselves, and put a smile on an oyster's face.

Value of Majorica Pearls
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Gi!

Generally speaking, Majorica Pearls are more affordable than other types of pearls. What size are the pearls - ie. 6mm round? How old are the pearls? Are the pearls still in the box? What about the condition of your Majorica Pearls? Are there any signs of peeling or flaking which naturally would aversely affect the value of the pearls. Do you know if the metal clasp on your Majorica pearl necklace strand and matching earring posts are gold plated over silver?

Best Wishes,
Antique Jewelry Support Team

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