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Majorica rethreading of old pearls
by: Audrey

Many Many thanks for your help and comments. Yes, I do have documentation available to send with them.
I packed them up this weekend and will post the
broken strand first thing Monday morning. I could
not be happier at this very moment to have this problem solved. Merry Christmas one & all....

Majorica Post Sales Service
by: Rebecca

Hi Audrey

What a wonderful idea - your vintage heirloom pearls would be a lovely Xmas gift for your granddaughter.

Audrey, if interested Information on Majorica Pearls can be found Here...

For post sales service, you will need to contact customer support at
and Xmas being just around the corner, I wouldn't wait too long, in order to get them back in time for Xmas, as the pearls will have to be shipped to the company in Spain and it would be a busy time of the year for the company. If you have the international guarantee certificate, great, Majorica, in this case, they will cover the cost of repairs HOWEVER rethreading and additionals, such as clasp replacement, etc, will be carried out at fair market price.
The following info is from the MAJORICA website:
November 2012


MAJORICA will carry out rethreading, clasp replacement or any other repairs not covered by the guarantee, at the fairest price, provided that the present INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE is presented, duly completed.

No substantial modifications to the original design will be carried out.
Coating will not be changed unless the piece already exists in this form.
No transformations will be made to pearl necklaces and bracelets.
The cost of sending for repair to MAJORICA will be borne by the consumer.

All repairs covered by the properly completed GUARANTEE will be carried out immediately. In this case, return freight costs will be borne by MAJORICA S.A.

Any other repair not covered by the GUARANTEE must be requested by mail, and an estimate will be provided once the details have been analysed. In this case, return freight costs will be borne by the consumer.

Freight costs:
Transport within Spain (SEUR) €11 per package
Transport outside Spain (FEDEX, unless otherwise specified by customer) €18 per package

Please let us know how you get on Audrey, and your experience, we have quite a few visitors who are thinking of doing exactly like you; getting their Majoricas re-threaded and prefer to have the Majorica company itself do the rethreading.

Warm Wishes

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