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Russian Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Thank you for writing in... one little caveat - as you probably already know fake Faberge signatures and also fake signatures on Faberge eggs are out there in the market place.

However, your item could be a very important piece of Russian jewelry spirited out of revolutionary Russia. Provenance could help establish that.

To give you some idea about the value and importance of such pieces, please have a look at the following link-
Sotheby?s to Sell a Lost Inheritance of the Romanovs, unseen for over 90 years...

In reference to Michael Perchin, the date provided is not in keeping with workmaster Michael Perchin, St Petersburg, 1899 - 1903. The earlier date you cited I also believe could be the date the particular design of the mark was adopted by St. Petersburg.

It would be easier to first establish the authenticity of the MP initial marks. Without the benefit of a photograph it is impossible to tell. You are very welcome to upload a photo of the initial marks in a follow-up submission.

Thank you again for writing in...
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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