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54 inches single strand
by: Anonymous

Marvella clasp

Just Marvella Curious

I found this 35 inch necklace of "pearls" in a bag of jewelry I purchased about 15 years ago at a thrift store. Just noticed the gold tag says Marvello or Marvella. The clasp appears to be real gold and very well made. The whole necklace is quite heavy. No idea on age or date. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

Mommas pearls
by: Rae

I inherited a pair of pearls the clasp has Marvella stamped on them they are from the 1950s there is three rows of pearls what's something like this worth

Marvella pearl and diamond earirng, vintage
by: Lisa

Hi, I ran across a pair of Marvella earrings, with a screw post, they are vintage. round pearl connected to a teardrop diamond that looks like a horseshoe around it with tiny diamonds.
does this sound like something you may have?

A Question About Marcella pearl necklace.
by: Anonymous

I have a Marvella pearl necklace that belonged to my late mother. It has some odd little brown spots on the pearls and I would like to know how to clean the necklace properly.

Marvella Necklace and Bracelet set
by: Anonymous

Hello, I happen to have a 30" pearl and goldtone necklace with matching bracelet There is o have a 30: pearl with a gold-tone necklace with a matching bracelet. There is an intact, good condition tag on a necklace that is silver with maroon stripes, Marvella R on the front, and barcode 30" neck made in Korea on other. The pearls are 6 in a cluster, spaced by the gold bar. on bracelet 2 in up/down position with the same gold tone bar. I would like to know more please and match with someone. thank you

Value of pearls
by: Anonymous

I am looking for a honest price of worth on my mother’s pearl
Necklace she was given the necklace when she got married
In 1959 the tag on the pearls reads Marvella core pure pearls.
10 mm 16 inch necklace.

dealer Marbella Pearls
by: Faye

I have a set of Marvella pearls with a brass stamped clasp. All I see in research are newer clasps. What can you tell me about mine; age; value. Thanks.

marvella 3 strand with diamond like clasp
by: Anonymous

I have a 3 strand marvella choker type with a very ornate diamond like clasp. Did they use real stones?

Sentimental Value
by: Yvonne

Hi Nancy

I wouldn't think of selling them. You won't get anything close to the sentimental value. Take them out tonight and wear them in loving memory of your dear Mom.

Kindest Regards

Old Marvella Pearls
by: Nancy

Hi. I have am old string of Marvella pearls that were my moms. She would be 108 today. I believe she,wore them on her wedding day. They are 15 inches and have a silver looking bow tie clasp with rhinestones possibly. Can you tell me if they may be worth anything. Thank you in advance.


Can you give me some Marvella info please?
by: Robin

I have a 18 inch strand of marvel pearls it has like a pinch clasp, the lady they belonged to was about 90 years old but I don't have a clue how old the necklace is, but it is in beautiful condition. Can you tell me how I can find out more info or the value of it?
Thank you so much

Is my Marvella necklace worth anything?
by: Marlene

I have a necklace with a silver pinch clasp with a rhinestone(I am guessing) and is still fastened in the original pink velvet box and original Marvella silver box. It is about 16" long. I would like to know the value.

Marvella pearls
by: Anonymous

Were any marvella pearls authentic. Or were they all simulated.?

good quality simulated pearls from the 50s
by: Anonymous

Marvella simulated pearl necklaces were very popular in the 1950s, and very high quality with hand tied knots between the "pearls". While they continued to be sold under the name even after the company was sold - most vintage strands are from the 1950s,

It depends on how many strands are in the necklaces...they sold for $9-$15 in the 1950s and are selling in excellent condition now for anywhere between $9 and $35. Though a six strand necklace with a matching bracelet recently sold for $135.

i have marvella necklace my mother gave it to me before she passed it has all good marking. want cost of it
by: kim

Want price on my necklace


Hi Kim

we are guessing they are simulated pearls? more information would be great. Thanks
Antique Jewelry Investor Support

Marvella & Trifari Connection
by: Anonymous

I believe that Marvella was purchased by Trifari in the early 1980s and eventually became part of the Liz Claiborne group. As of 2012, jewelry is still being distributed in department stores and other retail outlets bearing the Marvella name.

Marvella Pearls
by: Anonymous

Marvella was a brand of costume jewellery founded by New York businessman Sol Weinreich in 1906.

The date coincides. The company specialized in simulated pearls of such high quality that a Marvella Pearl Brooch, Marvella Pearl Necklace and Marvella Bracelet set was featured in Vogue in 1945.

Warm Regards

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