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by: Jarkko

Itselläni on samanlainen.

Sain sen isältäni, oli kuulunut hänen isälleen.
Isosisäni on hankkinut sen n. 1961, tehty mahdollisesti Birminghamissä Englannissa.

Neljäs leima on ankkuri kyljellään.

Sormus on 9 karaatin kultaa.

Mahdollisesti linkin yritys valmistanut.

Jarkko, Finland.

Ring Markings
by: Kevin

Thank-you for at the photo. There are 5 'boxes' with different letters/no.s inside them.
1) J.N.W
2) 9
3) .375
4) this one is unclear
5) appears to be a '7'
The final symbol next to the others will be known to someone with that kind knowlede.
Hope this helps.

Antique Masonic Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Hi Kevin
thank you for the following antique masonic ring hallmark question:

"This ring was given to my grandfather by his father, who were both freemasons. I would like know about the markings on the inside, and the history of the origins of the ring.
Hope you can help Kevin"

Kevin could you please describe the marks and letters you see. Unfortunately, even when I zoom in I cannot see them clearly. Thank you.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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