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Meaning of Free Mason Symbols
by: Anonymous

The Masonic emblems on the front are Triangle,
Sun, Compasses and Set square and set within
(usually) black enamel.
From Medieval times the Free Masons adopted
these symbols of the craft. The suns sybolises the
source of light and life, the square is the symbol of
the master of a lodge, the triangle is the deity, and the
compass can have many different meanings.
Such symbols also appear on cuff links,
Watch cases, and other accessories.

Masonic Jewelry| Hallmark | JH Wynn
by: steve

It's a modern masonic ring.

The town mark is a bit blurred but I think its London, and therefore dated 1965

The maker is JH Wynn - a specialsit in masonic regalia who is based in Birmingham but sometimes had his items marked in London.

Gold Hallmarking On Masonic Ring
by: Anonymous

Could you describe Kevin what you see in the box next to the decimal standard? Even when we zoom in - it's not clear.

with regards

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