Meaning of Markings in Ring | 140.14

by Bryan

I have a gold ring, set with 9 small (1.5mm), round, apparent diamonds and 10 small (4mm long), marquis-cut apparent sapphires. The band is fairly well worn, and no karat marking is visible to grade the gold. The inside markings are as shown in the pictures. On one side, a 'K' (or a '<'; the left side is worn away) is followed by 14 0.14? The ? is worn away on the right side and could, for example, be 0,C,G, etc.

On the other side of the ring is a 600, or 009; what looks like a decimal point that would make it 0.09 appears to be a defect in the band. Might the first marking relate in some way to the stones in the ring, e.g., total carat weight, or do they have a different meaning? What would the second marking mean? If it were fineness of the gold, it would be 14.4K, which is a rather odd number. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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